Maritime Resource Management Training (MRM)

KOTC have been licenced by The Swedish Club Academy to carry out MRM Training and we have several Trained and Certificated Workshop Leaders.

Maritime Resource Management training is a concept which originated in the aviation industry. The practice called Cockpit Resource Management was adapted to best practice in the Marine Industry.

MRM is a combination of BRM, ERM with additional management and leadership skills modules to meet the new STCW2010 requirements.

The MRM course is designed to minimize the risk of incidents by encouraging safe and responsible behavior. It aims to foster positive attitudes favoring good personal communication, excellence in leadership skills and compliance with operating procedures. MR​M is ideal for deck and engineering officers. The objective is to ensure that sound resource management practices underpin everyday operations. The principles covered include:

  • ​​Recognition of the significance of consistent good management and teamwork .
  • A willingness to change behavior in a positive direction .
  • Awareness of the importance of using common management-related terminology.
Attendees during MRM training at Head Office Kuwait​


The course features a series of workshops delivered by trained workshop leaders. Errors and hazardous behavior are analyzed in a dynamic group situation and actual incidents and accidents are explored from a MRM perspective. The workshops are supported by computer based training modules that examine human interaction and management situations influencing the accident event.