Our Vision & Mission


To be a world class provider of marine transport, a leading carrier of Kuwaiti hydrocarbons, and an employer of choice.


• Ensure strategic coverage and provide marine transportation for Kuwaiti hydrocarbons.   
• Conduct operations to world class standards in an efficient manner and promote safety and environmental responsibility.
• Pursue commercially viable opportunities within the hydrocarbon shipping sector.
• Support the development of our people while building up national manpower and expertise, and ensure a commitment to social responsibility.


​ 1. Commit ourselves to our Vision;
2. Strive to zero HSE incidents and minimise environmental pollution;
3. Maintain a healthy and constructive relationship with our stakeholders in our business;
4. Build trust within our own organisation;
5. Maintain a positive working atmosphere thus enabling creativity, innovation and teamwork;
6.Take and demonstrate our responsibilities towards development and maintenance of competence of our employees;
7. Recognise good performance of our employees;
8. Fulfil Company’s expectations as the requirements of our processes;
9. Show visible continual improvement in results.