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A few days ago, we celebrated Eid Al-Fitr with its meaningful amicability, warmth, generosity and tolerance. In this occasion, we wish all the best for HH The Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, may God give him long life , HH the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, the big-hearted Kuwaiti people and all employees of KOTC. We pray to God to keep the Amir, the wise leader and source of pride for Kuwait. May Almighty God fulfill all our aspirations in maintaining progress and prosperity for dear Kuwait. On this happy occasion, we renew our vows to keep the march of success and attain new achievements to be added to our past successes. While seeking to reach a brighter future at all aspects, mainly the oil sector, by the hands of our nationals, we also renew our solid solidarity with the country’s leadership. All members of the oil sector have to realize that they are the drivers of success and the core basis of Kuwait economy. This major responsibility requires more effort and sacrifice to bring more out of our various projects. We have to develop ourselves in order to achieve our ambitions for Kuwait as a leader in all aspects. We are proud of our unprecedented achievements, in the development and modernization of our fleet, or boost our operation costs competency, care in environment, security, safety and protection of lives. We are now among the world’s best in marine-transportation of oil and gas. By persistence in keeping this prestigious status as a bright image of Kuwait, KOTC, by God’s will, and under the wise leadership of the Amir and the Crown Prince, will make more achievements that are in line with oil sector 2040 strategy and enhance economic growth, stimulate business opportunities and contributes in bringing welfare and prosperity. We urge all employees to be up to the challenge the oil sector is facing today.
Wish you all a happy Eid, and my God keep Kuwait safe.

Ali Abduljalil Shehab

Acting Chief Executive Officer