Competency Management System (Maharat)

KOTC is the first company in the Middle East to use a Fleet Competency Management System and the only company ​in the world to use the system for Ratings as well as Officers.

The KOTC Competency Management System is called ‘MAHARAT’ Maharat is Arabic for ‘skill’ and is an acronym for Managing Assessment, Honouring Achievement Reliability And Training.

It is used as a system to identify Competence Gaps and Training Needs and enables KOTC to improve the standards of officers and ratings in our fleet.

The Maharat system has been designed with the following purposes in mind;

  • ​​​Ensure compliance with top industry standards, TOTS, SIGTTO and Classification.
  • Enable real-time comparison on employee performance.
  • Help enhance seafarer skills, thus reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Increased productivity of employee through more focused training.
  • Our ships staffs’ skills and knowledge vary greatly, they all have the required STCW certificates but not necessarily the ability stated.

The Maharat system has identified and continues to identify Competency Gaps and Training Needs.This allow KOTC to improve the skills, knowledge and professionalism of our ships staff

The Maharat system is in continuous operation on all our vessels, including VLCC’s, Product Carriers, Gas Carriers, Bunker vessels and Anchor Handling Supply Vessel.

Once Maharat have identified Competence Gaps and Training Needs, the resultant data will enable us to create Personal Development Plans based on this data.

From the Personal Development Plans we target courses that directly improve the skills and knowledge in the areas identified in the company standards in the Maharat system.

Using Maharat will also enable us to recruit more effectively and promote skilled ships staff rather than just promoting based on sea service time and appraisals.

Verification of the system both ashore and on board is a continuing process to ensure the system is used correctly by all Assessors and Assesses.

Continuing annual audits both internal and external to ensure continued compliance and to retain Class Certification by DNV.​