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RFI Announcement

Kuwait Oil Tanker Company (KOTC) is in the process of evaluating companies in the field of Logistical Services (Marine Agency) / Freight Forwarding with worldwide coverage that can handle the company's fleet.

KOTC is currently conducting a market survey through a Request for Information (RFI).

Scope of Work

  1. Follow-up with suppliers once the Purchase Order is Confirmed: the contractor shall liaise with supplier to confirm and acknowledge the receipt of PO and convey to KOTC Fleet Logistics Team in case there is any discrepancies on the PO and shall liaise and confirm from supplier  prior promised delivery to confirm collection/delivery arrangements and in case of any discrepancies on the promised date the same shall be conveyed to KOTC Fleet Logistics Team.
  2. Contractor shall have the following warehouses in the following location:
    • South Korea,
    • Japan,
    • Singapore,
    • Rotterdam - Netherland
    • UAE – Fujairah
  3. The contractor shall arrangement Airtight, Sea Freight from the above mentioned location to worldwide destinations.

Qualifying Requirements

1. Company has minimum 5 years' experience as marine agency or freight forwarder (handling all types of logistical for international shipments,

ship spares, with a global network).

2. Company has offices or third-party contracts/partnerships in South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Rotterdam - Netherland and UAE – Fujairah

3.  Company provides services worldwide (Sea/Air/land) - Door to Door and Clearance.

4. Company has warehousing storage to accommodate large marine spares  (i.e cylinder, complete units etc. ) location are South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Netherland and UAE.

5. Company can handle Dangerous Goods (i.e. flammable liquids, chemicals, toxic articles,  batteries, pyrotechnics, and medicines).

6. Company has an inventory tracking system to track all shipments and Maintain control of the inventory.

7. dedicated team to handle and follow up with KOTC Fleet orders approx. 13,000 order/year worldwide majority of orders are located in Europe.

The RFI is focused mainly on market share, business, technical, and financial evaluation.                                                

Please send your submission to the following e-mail addresses:- and

Best Regards.


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