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International Tender for Supply of Medicines, Medical Materials & Equipment for KOTC Fleet Crew

International Tender for Supply of Medicines, Medical Materials & Equipment for KOTC Fleet Crew
Tender Reference: CG-07/2017

The Higher Purchasing Committee for the Tenders of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, upon the request of the Kuwait Oil Tanker Company, a subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation herby announces the above tender in conformity with the conditions & specifications stated in the tender documents which shall be obtainable from the KOTC head office during official working hours from Sunday April 22, 2018 against a fee of 150 KD.
Therefore, to enable us to provide you the tender documents, kindly arrange to pay to KOTC a non-refundable tender fee of KD 150/- (Kuwaiti Dinars One Hundred Fifty ONLY), Deposit OR TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER to KOTC’s bank account as the following details (ensure to include IBAN as mentioned below) with your good selves (the tenderer) bearing the bank charges of the transmitting and receiving bank.
Please note that the exact/net amount of KD 150/- to be received by KOTC. Any Bank charges to be on bidder’s account.
KOTC’s Name:   Kuwait Oil Tanker Company (S.A.K.), Head Office, Kuwait.
Bank Name:        National Bank of Kuwait, Head Office, Kuwait
                             P.O.Box 95, Safat, Kuwait.
KOTC’s bank account No.:        1000307805
IBAN:                KW49NBOK0000000000001000307805
Please provide us the tender fee remittance details (if payment is by telegraphic transfer) or original receipt of cash deposit to enable us to provide you with the tender documents (as hard copy or through e-mail as per your request).
- The closing date for the offer submission shall be at 1:00 pm (Kuwait local time) on Tuesday June 5, 2018
- The bids (Offers) shall be submitted on or before closing date, and to be deposited in the bid box available at the Higher Purchasing Committee, located in the Oil Sector Complex, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Basement, Training Center, Arabian Gulf Street, Shuwaikh, bearing in mind that the offers shall be valid for 90 days from the closing date.
- The initial guarantee (letter of bank guarantee) shall be 5,000 KD valid for the entire offer validity period.
- A Pre-Tender meeting will be held at 10:00 am on Thursday May 10, 2018 in the meeting room (whose number to be determined later), located on the 5th Floor, KOTC Head Office, Shuwaikh Administrative Area, Block (A), Jamal Abdul Nasser Street, near State Audit Bureau for answering the tenderers queries.
- For security reasons applicable at the company, the bidders must notify KOTC of the names and designations of their candidates at least two days before the meeting.
- Bidders may only attend the pre-tender meeting upon presenting the tender documents purchase receipt.
For any clarification, please contact
- | Commercial Group|
- |Tel:+965 24625563 / 5569/ 551673 Fax: +965 24913597|
- |||
- |P.O.Box:810|Safat|Postal Code:13009| Kuwait|