PQ Requirement for Above K.D. 30,000

We would like to thank you for your interest in doing business with KOTC. In order for us to proceed with your application, kindly follow the below requirements with attachments:

  1. 1. Pre- Qualification Application. (Please see attached).

  2. 2. Pre- Qualification Application, page # 4 must be filled according to the Product & Service
  3.     Index. (Please see attached 1, attached 2)

  4. 3. Complete audit reports for latest 3 years ie: 2017, 2018 & 2019/2020.

  5. 4. Valid Notarized Signatory (ies) authorization/ Notarized Power of Attorney, attested /
  6.     legalized by the Kuwait Embassy or consulate in the county of your operation - ORIGINAL

  7. 5. Letter from the Bank authenticating the Account details, to be attested by the Kuwait
  8.    Consulate/Embassy - ORIGINAL

  9. 6. Copy of company registration in the country of origin / legalized by the chamber of commerce and Industry and by the Kuwait Embassy or consulate in the county of your operation.

  10. 7. Supplier Information Form. (Please see attached)

  11. 8. A fee of 50 Kuwaiti dinars to be paid before submitting the documents
  12.   (Please see attached).

Documents to be sent along with the above:

 1. Documents on page #18 to be sent along with Pre- Qualification Application
  2. Information on page # 4 & 7 to be filled and signed by authorized signatory.


  1. 1. Suppliers who wish to participate in KOTC Tenders and are already registered (Qualified) with any of our K- Companies, DO NOT require to undergo the Pre- Qualification Procedure in KOTC.
  2. 2. ONLY Suppliers registered (Qualified) above KD 30,000/- are eligible to participate in Tenders.  
  3. 3. Any modification on the CPC approved Pre- Qualification Application will result in rejection of the supplier’s Application.

Pre- Qualification documents to be addressed as below:

Pre- Qualification Team
Commercial Group, (5th Floor)
Shuwaikh Administrative Area,
Jamal Abdul Nasser Street,
Block 4, Kuwait.
P.O.Box 810, Safat, 13009 Kuwait.
Email: pqteam@kotc.com.kw