​​​Gas Filling Plant

In 1960, KOTC was granted the franchise of marketing and distributing liquefied gas into the local market as an alternative to the domestic fuel.

In 1962, an LPG Filling Plant was established in Shuwaikh Industrial Area. And due to the increasing of population in Kuwait, it became necessary to increase plant production capacity in order to meet the required consumption. It was difficult to increase the production capacity with the limited size of that plant.

Therefore, a new plant for LPG Operations & Projects “recently named LPG Filling Branch (Shuaiba)” was built in Shuaiba Industrial Area. This plant had been operated in 1985. The current production capacity of this plant is equivalent to 13 Million of 12Kg. LPG cylinders/year, using two work shifts to meet the needs of the Local Market.

In an effort to develop & increase the strategic reserves of LPG, KOTC announced in 2008 the commissioning of 6 LPG Mounded Tanks with storage capacity of 6,000 metric tons, which is enough to supply the Local Market with LPG for 14 days.

All LPG operations are fully automatic, as well as routine tasks such as safety examinations and pressure tests.

lpg_pic2.jpg lpg_pic3.jpg

Hence, KOTC is keen to provide LPG service to Kuwaiti community with high quality and safety guarantee.

Along with LPG cylinders’ production, LPG Filling Branch takes over the mission of deliver LPG cylinders by a fleet of distribution trucks to all Gas distribution centers in Kuwait.


Moreover, and in order to fulfill the Local Industrial Sector companies’ demands of LPG & Butane, LPG Filling Branch (Shuaiba) uses a fleet of LPG bobtails & road tankers. Therefore, KOTC delivers LPG & Butane to 20 local companies with an average of 670 tons of LPG & 310 tons of Butane per month.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that LPG Filling Branch (Shuaiba) contains three stores were established to create a storage space for all LPG Equipment spare parts, new LPG cylinders and accessories.